Destruction And Its Wake

When he awoke, his ears were ringing, he was covered in debris and he was famished. As he attempted to pull his arms out from beneath his stomach, he realised he hadn’t eaten a full meal in days, merely scraps here and there. As soon as he was clear of this disaster, he told himself, he would find himself a decent three course meal, and go to town. He managed to pull one arm free, and facing the palm of his hand to the largest piece of debris, he pushed mentally and physically, watching a wave of shadow surge from his hands, throwing majority of the rubble off of its captive. Once he had fully freed himself using similar methods, he dusted off his clothes, and looked at his surroundings.

The town was destroyed: buildings reduced to ruins, people strewn throughout the unexpected battlefield, most dead or unconscious, and the only light holding back the night was the numerous fires which had been lit during the chaos. Once the ringing in his ears subsided, he heard a deep, monotonous hum fill the air. He turned and saw another source of light, and he outwardly shivered in fear. Coming towards him was a line of figures cloaked in piercing white light which hid any possible sign of a physical form, other than long, gleaming broadswords which were held in shiny metal gauntlets. The figures moved as one, trails of light emerging from their back like wings, linking together to form a wall, barring all who opposed them.

They floated forwards at an alarming speed, never stopping, and even as he watched one of the figures’ swords rose up and sliced quickly down upon a stirring body before them, killing it before it even had a chance to cry out. So the horrified onlooker did the smart thing. He ran.



This one I cut off earlier than expected to make you want it more XD

I plan to make the next post a continuation of this, if you want to leave your mark on this blog and suggest a direction I can take the story in, or even if you want to have a go at me  for leaving you hanging, feel free to contact me and share your thoughts.

Be mindful out there 🙂



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