The Hollow Light and Forgiving Shadow

He sprinted through the scattered debris that was the town, running from the beings of light. He knew exactly what they were, and just thinking of their name sent shivers down his spine.


A wall barred his path, once the elegant holder of a kitchen window, now a freestanding reminder of his deadly foes. He jumped through the window, landing with a painful thud, then he was on his feet and running again. He had no time to go round, he could hear anguished cries from the victims of his pursuer; he knew that no number of helpless cries would slow their assault, and that they would sweep through this entire town. A culling of monsters, they’d call it. Of darkness.

Of his friends and family.

A sudden thought attacked his mind, causing such a shock he nearly lost his footing mid stride. His family was nowhere near (nor would he worry himself with their safety if they were), but she was. She needed him, and he realised, with another shock, he needed her too.

He let his mind empty as he slowed to a stop, and he spread his consciousness beyond his body, searching, feeling for- Her. He turned to his left, and his body shot forward, his mind locked on her weak mental signal. She was out cold, unconscious but alive and that was the hope he clung too. He bounded over the ruins and chaos that separated them, and when he found her buried in rubble, shadow shot from his hands, and the wreckage flew across the wasteland. The light would be upon them soon, and he grimaced in empathy; he had no time to be gentle. He knelt over her, and placed one hand on her temple. Closing his eyes, he forced his mind into hers, shocking all her nerves with darkness, forcing her mind to react violently, throwing her awake. She yelled in pain and fear, her body sitting up forcefully, and at that moment he had her, she was in his arms, their eyes were locked and he silently apologised.

They looked at each other, into each other, sharing just a moment, just a second. Then, together, they ran for their lives, sprinting away from the light.


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