“What do you want more than anything else in this world?”

It had been hours since they had spoken.

“What drives you?”

Her questions still ravaged his mind.

“Why do you fight?”

Still he could find no answer. He marched, alongside countless others, towards certain death. They outnumbered their enemy 100 to 1 no doubt, and they were armed to the teeth, thanks to their wealthy king. But what were swords and shields and catapults, to beings like this? Beings that wielded darkness as a weapon? Who’s voices could charm minds? Their lettering alone could warp reality itself; what chance did they have?

“Why do you fight?”

He owed no loyalty to the king, whose riches rarely made it past the lords in his service. Nor did he have family or friends worth a damn, much less his life. He couldn’t even convince himself that he desired an honourable death, or to be famed for his skill in combat. He had no answer he could think of, so why was he here? Why had he volunteered?

The march quickly became a charge as the walls of their enemy came into sight. Giant rocks flew overhead, but when they should have smashed through wooden gates, carvings upon the wood glowed, and the rocks fell to the floor without making a mark. Then of course came the second, and third volley of rocks, before finally the runes’ glow flickered, and was lost, and the rocks smashed through the walls. Yelling triumphantly, the army flooded through the holes and ruins.

The siege had begun.

“What drives you?”






Hey guys, this one was looking like it was going to be a little (lies, a lot) longer than the 200ish limit I like to set for these, so I’m going to chop it into two parts (sorry)! If you’d like me to write longer short stories, or want to comment on my writing style/decisions, or even want to provide inspiration, feel free to contact me, I’m always interested to hear from the… what, ten of you? 😛

I’ll get to writing the rest of this next week, until then

Stay Mindful,



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